ACS - Association Collection Services, LLC

Services & Fees

1. New account acceptance, initial letters
Establish a new account, review history, prepare current statement, prepare initial collection letter, follow-up phone calls and set payment plans.
2. Monthly maintenance fee
Review account, update statement, record payments, and monthly status updates to Condominium Association Manager and or Board of Directors.
3. Reminder Letter
Utilized when an agreed upon payment date has been missed. There may be a need to re-establish a new payment plan. This would include phone calls and preparation of written correspondence.
4. File an assessment lien
Prepare and record the assessment lien in favor of the association. Send letter notifying the delinquent homeowner of the lien filing and of the need for them to take action or risk being sent to a collection attorney.
5. Assessment lien release
Upon receipt of all past due fees and charges, prepare and record the release of lien, close the file, and turn the account back over to the association’s managing agent.
6. Turnover to association’s collection attorney
In the event no attempt by the delinquent homeowner has been made toward making payments 30 days after filing a lien, then the account will be turned over to a collection attorney. ACS will continue to monitor the status of the account and provide a monthly report to the association by continuing to charge the monthly maintenance fee.