ACS - Association Collection Services, LLC

ACS - Association Collection Services, LLC

An Association must rely on the timely receipt of monthly homeowner assessments (dues) in order to properly function. Due to the non-profit characteristic of a condominium or homeowner association, the annual operating budget is a zero-based budget, in other words, the Association budgets to pay out everything it takes in. There is no profit or contingency in the budget. There is no room for a revenue shortfall. Simply put, uncollected homeowner assessments mean some operating expense can not be paid.

The Northwest, like the rest of the Nation, is experiencing an increase in delinquent homeowner accounts. If your Association is managed by a professional management company, then it is their duty to collect the dues each month. Often times, the management companies accounting department sends out a series of letters in an attempt to collect on the delinquent dues. Unresponsive accounts are sent to a collection attorney and a new process is started that can be costly and difficult to understand.

If your Association is self-managed, meaning the Board or volunteers are handling the day-to-day activities of your Association without the help of a professional management company, delinquent homeowners are often neglected due to the difficulty in approaching a "neighbor" or an unawareness of the collection process.

Association Collection Services was created for the sole purpose of helping professional management companies and self-managed associations collect past due homeowner assessments in a methodical, friendly and cost effective manner.

Association Collection Services offers human to human personal communication to understand the delinquent homeowner’s financial ability and thus create a plan to meet the goal of the Association to collect its dues which are vital to its operation.

Association Collection Services provide results driven fees that are 50% to 75% less than typical law firm collection fees.

  Results as of March 25, 2011:
1. We have a collection rate of 57.74%
2. We have collected $959,149.26 for associations
3. On average accounts are paid off in less than 7 months.
4. 70% of accounts are paid off within 8 months.
5. 69% of our accounts which paid in full have avoided being turned over to an attorney.

Association Collection Services you get:

1. Better results for less money
2. Accurate reporting to our associations so you know exactly where each account is at any given time
3. Professionalism throughout the process

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